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Follow Marion exchange under the device "Horizon" - student ES14 - in Quebec
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Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the Horizon device- student ES 14 - in Senegal
"It is a rewarding, growing experience and trainer that I could live for three months during my internship in Montreal, as part of my special education training.
Erasmians, Erasmiennes! I wish to share with you my experience mobilté in Belgium! Memories, meetings, sharing, discovery, immerssion ... are the watchwords of this course in the city of Mons!
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Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the device "Horizon" - student ES 15 - in Senegal

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International Mobility in Senegal - logbook # 2

That tell you ... Emeline met a cockroach , Aurélie looks more and more like a Senegalese ... It's still nice and warm, even if finally for the Senegalese , it is very cold ! We take advantage of our new Dakaroise life, this weekend we went to Lake Rose which as you can imagine was pink! No it is not true , rather it pulled on the purple . That's because it rained a lot during the rainy season, but normally it will be pink for real in April , Inshallah !
We also went on the island of N'gor enjoy some sun and good on grilled fish on the beach . It has not yet defined the program for the next weekend, but there will probably still grilled fish !
That brief adventure ! We always mess much with the bus , but it is doing better and better , we must understand the logic of Dakar ...
Otherwise, we started the course, already a short week ... You say , a lot of things but we do not know where to start ! Already in the morning we start by ambiancer , home is on the background ( very strong) , everyone dances , sings, a little good mood ...
Moreover, the first day we were greeted with music by Lorie " your best friend ", but that's because she came there a few months we do not know what. Otherwise, we too did workshops : ceramics, sewing, hairdressing , green space ... It gradually learns how teamwork is organized ... everything to the last minute! At least we have surprises every day! We're going to transfer two weeks saw how our colleagues talk about it, it'll be fun ... or not! Finally, we do not really know , anyway we'll see!
There is just 84 children , all diseases combined , with many, a permanent support needs ... Until a few days ago , we are still not where we were going to transfer ultimately destination Popinguine did not know !
Our next adventure in a new episode.
Proverb of the Day:
" From laughter to tears, when Africa transforms your look and made mention your emotions. "
Aurélie and Emeline