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Follow Marion exchange under the device "Horizon" - student ES14 - in Quebec
Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the device "Horizon" - student ES 15 - in Senegal
Follow the exchange of Charline and Charlene; under the "Horizon" device - student ES 16 - in Vietnam
Follow the adventures of 5 ME in Girona for a period of two weeks
Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the Horizon device - student ES 14 - in Senegal
Erasmians, Erasmiennes! I wish to share with you my experience mobilté in Belgium! Memories, meetings, sharing, discovery, immerssion ... are the watchwords of this course in the city of Mons!
"It is a rewarding, growing experience and trainer that I could live for three months during my internship in Montreal, as part of my special education training.
Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the Horizon device- student ES 14 - in Senegal

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All student - CRFMS ERASME can track and validate an academic semester ( SMS) or internship (SMP) . In another European institution, in the course " Erasmus for all"
Students initial training will refer primarily to their specific training program to make their training project.
ERASMUSTo promote the international mobility of students and teachers: The CRFMS organizes courses in different partner countries : Germany, Spain, Ireland, Morocco, Senegal, Canada ... To compare experiences between students and professionals through the Franco-German unit.

The CRFMS adopted the LMD (Licence - Master - Doctorat) to harmonize qualifications with all European countries. This step is accompanied by a conversion job training modules, including the chain "educator" who has an organization of training semesters and teaching units, the establishment of "European system of ECTS" ; the issuance of an appendix describing the degree itself "Diploma Supplement".

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Each student enrolled in the formation of ES (2nd year, during semesters 3 and 4)CRFMS , has the opportunity to complete part of their course abroad, either in the framework of Erasmus, either through Horizon program.
The student must prepare a draft educational mobility and find a university (with presentation modules and ECTS credit).
A tripartite agreement will be approved by the student, the CRFMS and the University.

To view higher education institutions involved in the ERASMUS program, click on the following link http://www.statisticsforall.eu/maps-erasmus-institutions.php and then select the country in the filter


=> For more information on funding, click on the link of the agency 2E2F: http://www.statisticsforall.eu/statistics-llp-erasmus.php

Outgoing mobility