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Erasmians, Erasmiennes! I wish to share with you my experience mobilté in Belgium! Memories, meetings, sharing, discovery, immerssion ... are the watchwords of this course in the city of Mons!
"It is a rewarding, growing experience and trainer that I could live for three months during my internship in Montreal, as part of my special education training.
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Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the Horizon device - student ES 14 - in Senegal

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Mobility between trainees and students CRFMS ERASME Institute VALLVERA

Under the assistance program for cross-border mobility of the Regional Council of Midi Pyrenees and cofinanced by the European Union, the CRFMS ERASME embarked on a collaborative project with the Institute Vallvera located in Salt , Girona town adjacent Catalonia.
The institute Vallvera IES ( Institute of Educació Secundària ) is a school that prepares Bachelor and professional degrees in various fields, including service to the community. The training department offers :
· An auxiliary training with people in situations of dependency ( Atenció has persones in Situació of dependência ) equivalent in France at an intermediate level between the degrees of MPAs and DEME , this two-year program prepares students to accompany and help in everyday life people requiring specialized care on the physical , psychological and social ( the elderly or disabled , chronically ill or convalescent ) to better maintain or improve their personal autonomy , their relationships with their environment and insertion.
· Three degrees higher technician : sociocultural - early childhood education - social integration, these formations are of an equivalent level to our French BTS.
The objective of this cross-border cooperation is to enable trainees of our two institutes have experiences of mobility in the context of practical training in nursing homes .
Contact between our two institutions has been facilitated by the services of vocational training of the Regional Council of Midi Pyrenees and those of Catalonia .
A first meeting between education officials IES Vallvera and MFRCs took place on 18 and 19 June 2013 in Toulouse. It has a presentation of the two institutions and to define the basis of the mobility of students. It also included a visit SAM Champs finches and Occupational home La Demeure , the ADAPEI institutions located in Saint Orens . Philippe Esternelas and Christiane Campistrous responsible for these two institutions are committed with interest in the project by hosting the Catalan students.
A second meeting in Girona November 29, 2013 has:
· Visit first person to accommodate trainees of educator monitor health institute , hotel , sociosanitari Centre is located in Girona and is managed by mutual MUTUAM . The center welcomes people accumulating health problems (accidents, old age ... ) and social difficulties, especially related to situations of isolation, it also has a retirement home . The director of the center, Mireia Bosch Fabregas , made us very welcome and was very motivated to accommodate trainees MFRCs in its services.
· Define the project with the Institute Vallvera and define operational targets for 2004. Again , welcome personal IES was very well despite the socio- economic and political difficulties they are facing .
2014 will be the year of the first cross-border mobility with welcoming in May :
· The MAS Champs Finches three students of the IES Vallvera for four weeks ,
· The sociosanitari Centre Mutuam four trainees to monitor teacher for two weeks.

Referents of the draft cross-border mobility:


IES Vallvera

Midi Pyrénées


Midi Pyrénées

Conseil Régional

Camí de les Guixeres, 2

17190 Salt – Gironès



1244 l’Occitane

Bat California – hall C

31670 Labège


Directorate of Vocational Training and Learning


Sabina Caparros Fabrega, head of external cooperation

Lourdes Coll Llorens, training manager

Juan Francisco Simon Gisbert, director

Henri Santiago-Sanz,trainer

Philippe Lebailly, education director

Frédéric Bacqua, in charge of European mobility