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Erasmians, Erasmiennes! I wish to share with you my experience mobilté in Belgium! Memories, meetings, sharing, discovery, immerssion ... are the watchwords of this course in the city of Mons!
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International mobility in Senegal - logbook - Episode 4

Hello every body !
For once you are writing a small text each on our side, our journey has evolved , and finally if the word can be used . It is not easy to describe what we saw here . Everything is so different , many things I will miss : being awakened by the call to prayer , the sound of the horn of the truck comes to pick up the trash, even when the bus where there is more space , we get always go to a lot of people , people , children, smiling people , a lot of things ....
The trip is an integral part of the course and vice versa. This is a new way of living that is adopted . And well it should be said that it moves a little. But how to explain it all, the words will come with time.
The course touches gradually to its end, we leave two weeks of vacation and I go Friday is a little hard to get back in the bath, but it did. Anyway, here everything is still , it puts into perspective many things . At least I have learned to be patient, to let things come, and if it does not come it does not matter , it will be another day ... I will miss my class even though they often lead us life lasts . Staff shortage , finally , as elsewhere, often pale urgency, it is difficult to accompany each child, they all need coaching then we do as we can with the means at hand . There are days when it works , others less . But ultimately, I think it is not doing that bad .
I traveled a bit in St. Louis and in the Sine Saloum , it reminded me of the first time I went here, as they say , you'll come back one day . We tried to travel as soon as we could , in the famous seven-seater now if my car is broken (if ever one day I have a car ), I think she can still ride . We had cars that were in states that the body and yet it is a big word , brief slices of good giggles . We put one foot in Mauritania ( but just a walk), and almost another Gambia.
As you can see , my text is a bit disjointed , but I think it reflects my state of mind . I have to go on Friday I take the plane . Besides, I found Marion in Brussels, she just cold and I the sun. I think it never comes free from this kind of experience , we adapt , we change , we questioned , we advance, and I think we also realize that we miss of many things in our daily lives, then today is for us to grasp, and not miss . That every day is a new form of travel , I hope I will not forget .
I embrace you , and with a mixture of sadness and joy , I tell you very quickly