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"It is a rewarding, growing experience and trainer that I could live for three months during my internship in Montreal, as part of my special education training.
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Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the Horizon device- student ES 14 - in Senegal
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Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the Horizon device - student ES 14 - in Senegal
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International mobility in Hanoi - VIET NAM

Xin chào! (Good Morning)


After more than 11 hours of flight and 4 meals, we are finally in Hanoi. The contrast in this city is so incredible for us! Indeed, the Vietnamese have no fear on the road : They double anyhow, honking all the time and most importantly : do not be afraid to cross the street (the stop doesn't exist). In the streets we try to make our way between the scooters, the foods and wastes..It's a real olfactory pleasure. (of course irony)


The landscapes are very varied : lakes, monuments and streets with electrical networks ..


However, these little narrow passages can sometimes hide beautiful buildings as "Parfum d'Automne" (where we will stay from Wednesday) where we found Marine (student at the University of Hanoi), which reassured us !

Tomorrow morning we will finally visit our internship (Phuc-Killed). We looking forward to go there;  even though we're a bit stressed ..


Kisses to all and see you soon.

Charline and Charlene.

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