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Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the Horizon device - student ES 14 - in Senegal
Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the device "Horizon" - student ES 15 - in Senegal
Follow the adventures of 5 ME in Girona for a period of two weeks
Erasmians, Erasmiennes! I wish to share with you my experience mobilté in Belgium! Memories, meetings, sharing, discovery, immerssion ... are the watchwords of this course in the city of Mons!
Follow the exchange of Charline and Charlene; under the "Horizon" device - student ES 16 - in Vietnam
Follow the exchange of Emeline and Aurélie under the Horizon device- student ES 14 - in Senegal
Follow Marion exchange under the device "Horizon" - student ES14 - in Quebec
"It is a rewarding, growing experience and trainer that I could live for three months during my internship in Montreal, as part of my special education training.

Open policy


The Regional Social Work Training Centre (CRFMS) is :
Member driven by the Regional Council of Midi- Pyrénée.  Holder Erasmus Charter ( 257084 -IC- 1- FR- ERASMUS- EUCP -1) F Toulous119.
engaged for over ten years ERASMUS consortium in exchange programs OFAJ . Several factors account for this policy approach opening :
• organizing training courses and study tours abroad,
• enrollment in international projects and programs relevant to the field of social and educational activities ,
• integration in education modules, including courses on social work at European level and the development of legislation ,
• partnerships and exchanges made with training schools in various countries of the European Union ,
• reception of foreign students ,
• the inclusion of the MFRC in the process of harmonization of qualifications at European level ,
• the existence of an "International" mission.
The MFRC Erasmus is used to develop, from the outset, two types of trade agreements :
Erasmus Scholarships and Regional Midi- Pyrenees, and projects , Leonardo, Grundtvig . The objective of international relations in training for careers in office is to develop a broader perspective on the issues of social action , implement a process of alternation based on mobility as a key dimension and create projects international interest in sharing good practices , pooling resources and committing to a more "global" future.